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Now Buy Emergency Handcuff Keys in Bulk!

Exciting news! We will now be offering our Emergency Handcuff Keys, one of our customer favorites, at larger order volumes! 

Previously only offered in pairs, you can now purchase 1 unit for 5.95, 2 for 9.95, 4 for 18.95, 10 for 45.95, and 20 for 79.95.

The strong universal handcuff key sits in the center of a black plastic nylon ring, where it can be easily snapped out and put to use. The key’s material is filled with 40% glass fiber fill to strengthen the key and prevent breakage, so you can rest assured the only parts that break are
the ones you want to. Its tiny, lightweight disc is easily sewn into
coats, dresses, bras, trousers, and skirts, socks (yes, it’s that
light), and it can also be woven into shoelaces, onto purse straps, and

As always, if you need more than 20 Emergency Handcuff Keys, you can contact [email protected] for special pricing.

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