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Introducing the Red Team Kit Micro


At almost three years and counting, Rift Recon has done our best to
establish ourselves as an innovative force in what we see as a market in
need.  After getting notes from countless security auditors, testing
numerous products ourselves and excising inefficiencies, we
decided that now is the time to reveal what we’ve been working on for
so long:

Introducing the Red Team Kit Micro, in partnership with Hard Case Survival.

makes the Red Team Kit Micro so special is a number of significant,
intentional choices in design. It’s exceptionally versatile, and is both
our smallest and most accessible kit yet. We know you’ll fall in love
with it!


The RTK Micro Includes:

  • Custom Cordura bag that blends in with all your normal gear, and even most formal wear!
  • Removable
    velcro retention loops and pockets for a variety of tools: Which means if you don’t need a tool or need more space, TAKE IT OUT!
  • New
    tools like the American Padlock 700/2000 series bypass, Brockhage Pick
    Gun,  Bump Hammer w/ Rift Recon Basic Bump Keys, and many more!
  • Padded carry handles for all day and night use!

Enjoy fast, flexible shipping and packaging options:

  • Ships in a FedEx Flat Rate box!
  • Upgradeable!
  • Unlike our other more complex RTKs, the Micro ships within a few days. Often an order can be processed overnight!


philosophy at Rift Recon is “Everything you need, nothing you don’t”,
which goes to say that if we don’t use it, why should we press you to?
You’ll never be coerced into purchasing anything excessive or
arbitrary; you’ll always see actionable use for the tools and kits we
provide. We do hope you enjoy our new kit as much as we already do, and
we welcome your reviews and feedback at [email protected]

The Red Team Kit Micro is available to buy here, and ship today.

-Eric Michaud

CEO/Founder at Rift Recon

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