Introducing: The Rift Recon Dossier


We’re extremely pleased with what the team here has accomplished in the first six weeks since Rift’s official launch. We have a new partnership with ExploitHub, our online store is open and stocked, we’re running fast with a newsletter every week, and we’re putting new products online every chance we get… Now we get to announce the release of the first of our Rift Recon Kit Dossiers.

When you get a Rift Recon product or service, we believe it shouldn’t be the end of the transaction, but the beginning of something cool. When we ship you a product we look forward to your emails, tweets, or calls with questions, comments or wish list requests. Support is everything. We work in this industry, too – so we’re always going to make sure you get the most out of Rift’s services and gear you get so you’re always prepared.

So check out our new Rift Recon Kit Dossier.

Each tool has an accompanying dossier detailing what you need to know about each tool and tool class: why we chose each item, its detailed uses, and a clear guide to using the tool effectively – with step-by-step illustrations.