The Art of Escape: Coming to a city near YOU!


Dear Friends,

Have you been yearning to see what all of the Art of Escape fuss is about? Have you been reading Rift Recon blogs, surfing through photos, and staring longingly at press releases strategizing how to get to a city that’s one hundred, five hundred, or perhaps even three thousand miles away from you? Well, we hear you, and we’re here to help!

Rift Recon is on the verge of a very exciting expansion – we’re looking at bringing our renowned The Art of Escape urban escape and evasion training to twice as many cities within the next year – and we want to make sure we’re considering the needs of all of our customers, supporters, and collaborators. Please take just five minutes to fill out this brief survey detailing where YOU would like to see The Art of Escape appear! The power is in your hands.

Thank you!


Rift Recon Staff

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