I told staff to stay home today and watch #31c3 videos…

….and you should too!

For those of you not in the know, the #31c3 conference known as the 31st Chaos Communication Congress is hosted by the oldest hacking group in Germany the CCC (Chaos Computer Club). I myself have almost attended every winter for the last 10 years but had to skip this year because of work and personal commitments.

Regardless of not being in person, myself and peers alike have had a grand time keeping in the loop because of the fantastic video streaming service they host here: http://streaming.media.ccc.de/ check out ReLive for the talks that just finished.

This year #31c3 has a great selection of speakers and researchers covering topics relevant to journalists, activists, businesses, and individuals alike.

Here is the schedule of talks:


All I’ll say is at least watch SS7: Locate. Track. Manipulate. by Tobias Engel


Thunderstrike: EFI bootkits for Apple Macbooks. by Trammell Hudson

They’ll give you shivers and excite you at the same time to see that proper hacking is still done today.

Lastly, If you have any questions about how these attacks may affect you and your organizations specifically or about anything else at #31c3 this year, we’re happy to help answer any questions. Drop us a line at [email protected]

We’ll post a follow up regarding talks that Rift staff really thought really stood out in the near future.

– Eric Michaud

CEO/Founder at Rift Recon

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