A little spring cleaning at Rift

Hi Everyone,

Eric here! We’ve silently been getting ready for some exciting projects but today I wanted to share some updates.

Spring Cleaning!

Overhaul: The main site will be undergoing some big changes. The blog and content will move to a different page but will still go out over Twitter and other social media platforms so don’t worry about staying up to date!

Flow: We’ll be reviewing and clearing up our online sites for cohesiveness and continuity.

Design: Our store at http://shop.riftrecon.com is going to get a sprucing up. We’ve gotten a lot of great customers give us feedback over the years and we want to make sure everyone has a great experience. So when you go to the site today you’ll see the front page organized and re-formatted.

New Products and Branding

New Products: We’re designing and reviewing new products! They will be hitting the store soon and we’ll keep you updated with newsletter emails so don’t forget to sign up! We’re also working up a special restricted product selection for verified customers to wow your clients with. So stay tuned…

Branding: Art of Escape as it’s a bit of a wild card in regards to our branding with Rift. Rift being about entry and AoE being about escape so we’ll be moving AoE to it’s own domain. It will have it’s own focus on services and products giving you, what we believe, a better customer experience in both realms.

Civilian Classes and Training:….and lastly we’re extremely excited to announce we will be listing new trainings and services! We’ve been talking with a lot of our peers in the security industry and consistently hear requests for courses. So we’ve listened! We’ve been putting our heads together so expect a variety of classes and trainings. Dates to be announced!

Stay tuned,


P.S. We have shot a lot of product video in the past that haven’t been released. Here’s one of them! Aaron, a colleague of ours, shot this humorous test video for our Escape Ring check it out here: Aaron’s Escape Ring Test Footage.

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