Art of Escape Featured in ILOC


Investigative Locksmith Brian Denyer has been writing and illustrating articles about antique locks, restraints, and methods of escape for Canada’s Institutional Locksmiths Organization of Canada (ILOC) since its inception. ILOC is a national not-for-profit trade organization with members across North America, and was created to help fill a void in the Institutional and In-House Locksmith and Security communities. The group shares resources, facilitates professional communication and support, conducts trainings and seminars, and publishes a quarterly magazine available for free to the general public.


In the Summer 2015 issue, Denyer wrote a comprehensive investigative article on Urban Kidnapping and Hostage Escape. He covers specialized personal safety training for potential targets, gathering counter intelligence for escape from the hostage team, how to stay free through security awareness, and much more. Denyer conferred with Rift Recon during the research phase of his article preparation, and we’re honored to be listed among valued sources and resources. Specifically cited are Rift’s Urban Escape and Evasion (UEE) classes, including the renowned Art of Escape course.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue of ILOC’s magazine as much as we did! Scroll forward to Page 9 for the beginning of Brian’s article!

– Arianna Travaglini

Executive Assistant at Rift Recon

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