Rift Recon Shows Executives How to Get Their Hands Dirty


Rift Recon trainers teamed up with an exclusive cache of forward-thinkers in the start-up and financial industries to offer a “micro” version of our renowned Art of Escape training. The unique urban escape and evasion workshop was sponsored by innovative venture capital organization Ribbit Capital and covered basic lockpicking techniques as well as restraint-escape tactics. This intimate gathering was one of a few private functions Rift has been offering on a limited basis to corporations and organizations interested in buffing up their security competency as necessitated by their individual professional demands. Lucky for the attendees, it’s just as much work as it is play, and fun was had by all!

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About customer Ribbit Capital

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Ribbit Capital is a new venture capital organization with one single, relentless mission: to change the world of finance. They have raised a bunch of money to invest in entrepreneurs who see finance with the same hungry eye for change with which others have looked at commerce, networking and gaming. Their goal isn’t just to write checks. It’s to deposit and grow ideas. They are deeply knowledgeable about the complexities of building financial businesses, and will share their experience with ambitious entrepreneurs. For more information, visit their website.


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