The Pocket Pick Kit from the Rift Recon Reserve Collection

Rift Recon Reserve Collection Pocket Pick Kit

We’re proud to announce the launch of the first item in the Rift Recon Reserve Collection (R3C) – The Pocket Pick Kit (PPK). Exclusively available from Rift Recon, the PPK is designed in-house and made in the USA. These laser-cut titanium picks are a premium set that marry functionality with aesthetics. Every element of these picks exists for a purpose.


Rift Recon PPK Handle


The holes in the grip allow ease of use while wearing gloves and provide the option for easy customization should you prefer to wrap your picks.


Rift Recon PPK Three Picks


Because carrying extra tools loads you down, we selected our favorite tips so you’re carrying what you need, but no more. The Bogota Triple Peak Rake is one of the most reliable rake picks ever designed. Instead of a standard short hook, because we’re using titanium, we went with the slender Hybrid Offset for better maneuverability and space consideration in the lock.

We created a unique double sided rake we call the “City Slicker” – a City Rake on one side and a Reversed City Rake on the other. It provides faster picking when you want to swap tips, and helps you carry less tooling on an engagement.


Rift Recon PPK TOK ZBar


Finally, for the PPK torque tool we include a standard flat tool, and on the opposite side a Top of Keyway (TOK) tool, carefully designed to grab purchase at the top of the lock so it leaves your entire keyway free in case applying torque from the bottom leaves no space for your pick to get in.

Additionally, the smaller end has been cut with teeth so you can get more traction at an angle, from the front, and inside the lock. 


Rift Recon Reserve Collection Pocket Pick Kit


Enshrined in a superior leather case, this set has a limited magnetic footprint and is extremely resistant to corrosion. Don’t want to own the same lock picks as everyone else? This is the set for you. 

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