The Lockpick Dog Tag


It’s always smart to have lock picks and a backup plan around. Featuring a triple peak rake and a single hump pick, the handle of each Bogota® pick is also a tension wrench, and one edge is a saw, making this dog tag efficient, compact, and discreet.


Our Lockpick Dog Tags look as good on humans as on your favorite canine. Modelled here with poise and aplomb by Bucha the Dog.

Durable, corrosion resistant, and extremely concealable, the Lockpick Dog Tag deserves to be part of your (or your dog’s) Everyday Carry. 

Extremely light, with very low magnetic footprint, this is the perfect gift for yourself, your dog, your friend who owns a dog, or your friend’s dog.

The same size as military-issue dog tags, you can wear it on your collar, put it on a key ring, hide it in your shoe… the only limit is your imagination!

Our Lockpick Dog Tag is proudly Made in the USA, like our model, Bucha da Multipucha.

This set includes:

  • 1 single hump Bogota® lock pick
  • 1 triple peak Bogota® lock pick
  • 1 saw
  • Made from laser-cut titanium in the USA
  • (Dog not included)

Grab yours here.

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