Under the Door Tool 2.0: Behind the Scenes

Under The Door Tool - Briefcase Coiled

The Under the Door Tool 2.0 is designed to open lever handle doors, commonly found in commercial buildings (hotels, office buildings, etc.), from the outside by reaching under the door. It works via the following 3-step process:



Step 1. Insert tool under the door.

Step 2. Work tool over the latch. 

Step 3. Pull down on the cable to open the door. 

This tool is extremely effective, and in the hands of a skilled operator, can be used to open doors in seconds. Watch the tool in action here:



As you may have noted, the tool that we sell is the Under The Door Tool 2.0 because we made some important improvements on the initial tool. 

The Under the Door Tool (UTDT) was first commercially sold by KEEDEX. This was an impressive product as it offered a real solution to a real problem. If you lose the key to a lever handle door in a corporate office or hotel, a visit from the locksmith can easily run upwards of $500. As such, the UTDT provided a much cheaper solution. Nevertheless, while functional, the first version of the UTDT was liable to cause injury.

Due to the thickness of the piano wire, improper pressure differential could cause the tool to whiplash into the operator’s face (it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye). Additionally, the original tool was impractical for transport. It couldn’t be stored easily in a bag or coat. Attempts at stealthy transport would involve bending the tool under high compression, dangerous for both the durability of the tool and the operator. Furthermore, the original UTDT had a permanently affixed multi-strand wire with a ring at the bottom. Over time, the wire would fray, break, cut the operator’s hands, and the tool would become non-operative.

You couldn’t buy replacement parts – you would have to buy a whole new tool. Finally, the original UTDT was chrome-plated and the plating would flake off and cut the user. From experience, we can tell you that chrome chips under the fingernails are highly unpleasant. Based on our extensive field experience with the original, and injuries sustained while using this tool, we redesigned it and created the improved Under The Door Tool 2.0.

The Under the Door Tool 2.0 now uses a thinner gauge, plastic coated, piano wire which is less rigid and prone to facial attack. The loop at the end of the piano wire is no longer closed so the cable can be replaced as often as necessary. You can buy a replacement pack of cables, or… run your own! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

Under The Door Tool - Cable--2


The new more streamlined UTDT 2.0 can easily be rolled up into a small backpack or briefcase, or our preferred means of stealth transport – a leather folio. 


Under The Door Tool - Briefcase Coiled


Furthermore, we now use nickel plating instead of chrome to avoid the singular torture that is metal flakes under the fingernails. 


We’re proud of the improvements we’ve made to this classic tool. You can check out the Under The Door Tool 2.0 here:



Procure your replacement cables here:



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