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A Great First Year, A Thank You, a Gift, and a Product Upgrade

By Info | June 9, 2014

It seems like just yesterday that we launched, but, unbelievably, it’s almost been a full year. We’ve grown exponentially since we filed in May of last year and our official start in July 2013, going from zero customers to over two thousand of them, and there have been a lot of changes. We moved our…

Art of Escape Lands in the Big Apple on August 28th

By Info | May 14, 2014

For the past five months Rift Recon’s renowned Art of Escape (AoE) trainings have been at the forefront of a surging survival subculture. Those living within accessible distance of San Francisco, the company’s home base, have inarguably been the most fortunate. As the rave reviews came pouring in, however, so did the requests to bring…

Rift Recon Welcomes Carl Vincent

By Info | May 5, 2014

With 10 years of information security experience, Carl Vincent joins the team as an active consultant and special project developer in the newly formed Rift Recon Development Group (DEVGRU). When Rift Recon CEO Eric Michaud began looking to bring additional consultants on board his flourishing team, his attention was immediately drawn to Los Angeles-based information…

Rift Recon Presents At The 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum

By Info | April 16, 2014

Rift Recon LLC and the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) join forces to present a comprehensive security workshop at the 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) next month. The workshop will be geared toward protecting high-risk individuals in possession of sensitive information. The sixth annual OFF will take place on May 12-14th. Former Russian political prisoner Mikhail…

Rift Recon Appoints Brian O’Shea As Senior Intelligence Advisor

By Info | April 16, 2014

With over 20 years of international security, risk, and intelligence experience, Brian O’Shea joins Rift Recon as Senior Intelligence Advisor and Trainer. Rift Recon, a San Francisco-based physical security, risk and training firm, recently concluded its third public urban escape and evasion training, the “Art of Escape,” in the Downtown Bay Area. Though the prior…

After Action Report: March’s Art of Escape

By Info | April 14, 2014

April 15th, 2014 March’s Art of Escape was all about new faces, strange places, and facing unexpected obstacles with exceptional results. The first major change was staff-related: Rift Recon was thrilled to welcome Brian O’Shea to the team as a Trainer and Senior Intelligence Advisor. Brian brings over twenty years of intelligence and tactical risk…

After Action Report: February’s Art of Escape

By Info | April 12, 2014

“Rift Recon’s Art of Escape was the best urban escape, evasion, and survival course I’ve had since training with the CIA.  Improvised lock picks; caching valuables; elements of disguise; and so much more… all capped off by a full-day field exercise, thoughtfully conducted to mimic real-life conditions and inject real adrenal stress.  I’m amazed at…

Access Prohibited Now Available on Kindle!

By Info | March 17, 2014

Rift Recon is thrilled to announce that our comprehensive dossier, Access Prohibited, is now available to the public for instant download on Kindle! Previously only accessible as a PDF to staff and select customers, this fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to safety, security, and privacy can now be easily viewed and shared on any mobile device.…

Art of Escape – Rift Recon – Official Trailer

By Info | March 13, 2014

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. -Bertrand Russell Every day we hear from people asking about Rift’s Art of Escape class. Our most successful survival training to date seems to be getting an air of urban legend notoriety, complete with the same aura of mystery shrouding it. It’s not that we don’t enjoy…

On Thwarting Evil Maid Attacks

By Info | February 22, 2014

Above: Thwarting Evil Maid Attacks , Eric Michaud and Ryan Lackey, 30c3. Guardian journalist Luke Harding pecked out Writing The Snowden Files, an op-ed in which he details the moments when he realized his laptop and cell phone were compromised, and his subsequent experiences with his hardware as it behaved in a compromised manner. Harding…


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