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After Action Report: January’s Art of Escape

By Info | February 21, 2014

AFTER ACTION REPORT: January’s Art of Escape By now, you’ve certainly heard about Rift Recon’s most successful mission to date: the debut of our Art of Escape training in January. We ran our participants through numerous tutorials, tests, and tribulations, and though they emerged in one piece, smiling for the camera at their “graduation,” it…

The Art of Escape Infiltrates The San Francisco Armory

By Info | February 10, 2014

Face it: We live in a culture obsessed with post-apocalyptic fervor, and we’re not picky. We’ll take our death and destruction any way we can get it, be it at the decomposing hands of zombies, the manipulations of a dystopian government, or the indiscriminate reach of genetically-modified plague. Though Hollywood does an excellent job of…

Introducing The Art of Escape in Partnership with Triple Aughts Design: CORE

By Info | January 9, 2014

We said at the end of 2013 that great things were afoot… This morning, together in our partnership with Tripe Aught Design, we announced the launch of TAD’s CORE classes and our flagship three-day intensive, Art of Escape – San Francisco. This is Rift Recon’s first training available to the general public (until now, our trainings have…

A report from LockCon 2013

By Info | December 11, 2013

Nigel Tolley: A report from LockCon 2013 It is now a few days after I’ve returned from an event that is likely the high point of a lockpicker’s annual events list: I am, of course, talking about LockCon 2013. This now famous event started about eight years ago, and was, as it remains today, invitation…

Bourbon heists, spies, a suitcase stuffed with $1.7 million and other stories from the Rift

By Info | December 4, 2013

Here’s a recap of our favorite news stories recently featured in the Rift Recon newsletter: Drug Traffickers Hacked Major Shipping Port Tracking System The scheme sounds like a work of near science fiction. But police in the Netherlands and Belgium insist it’s true, and say they have the evidence to prove it: two tons of…

Rift Recon now accepts Bitcoin as payment for products!

By Info | November 27, 2013

On Sunday Rift Recon quietly began testing our online store to be able to accept Bitcoin payments for our products. On Monday, after stress testing our payment system backend and shopping cart, we announced on the Rift Recon Twitter account that we’re now taking Bitcoin payments worldwide to the countries we ship to. Currently those…

We’re hiring

By Info | November 22, 2013

Rift Recon is hiring and we’re pretty sure some of the people reading this post will be a perfect fit. All in a days work We’re based in San Francisco and have primary team members in different parts of the US. Rift is growing fast and we’re about to introduce a range of new retail…

Having Trouble Keeping Your Evil Maid Honest: We’re Here To Help.

By Info | October 9, 2013

Eric Michaud, CEO of Rift Recon and Ryan Lackey, CEO of CryptoSeal (formely of Havenco) present entirely new research on “Evil Maid” attacks at Hack In The Box Malaysia next week. The “Evil Maid” scenario is when a shut down, at rest laptop or device is accessed, read, and or tampered with often in a…

Introducing: The Rift Recon Dossier

By Info | September 19, 2013

We’re extremely pleased with what the team here has accomplished in the first six weeks since Rift’s official launch. We have a new partnership with ExploitHub, our online store is open and stocked, we’re running fast with a newsletter every week, and we’re putting new products online every chance we get… Now we get to…

Exclusive: Tutorial for Casascius Bitcoin Tampering

By Info | September 6, 2013

Tutorial by Datagram A physical Bitcoin is a combination of elements meant for long-term preservation and storage of a private key. They’re comprised of a metal coin, a paper that includes the public key that can be used to verify the balance of a Bitcoin wallet, the private key to retrieve that balance, and an…


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