Meet our Leader:

Eric Michaud

Eric Michaud, has worked with the DoE, DARPA, Public and Private organizations including NGO's in the areas of security and education. In 2012 he moved to San Francisco by 2013 announced Rift Recon and his effort to bridge the rift between information and physical security with novel research, training, consulting, and advisory services.



Our Team

No matter where your company is located, we have the ability to rapidly establish an on-demand project team to handle your most pressing concerns. Our teams remain on high alert with sensitivity to your potential problems, ensuring any spontaneous projects will be executed and resolved in an effective and precise manner.

Our staff continuously remain at the growing edge of research, and are collective responsible for maintaining the elite threat intelligence we make available to our clientele. This allows for exclusive advantages and specialized techniques when approaching current threats.

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Rift Recon is a boutique cyber- and physical security firm comprised of experienced professionals with varied backgrounds in security research.

We equip our clients with a suite of exclusive services through the use of specialized consultations and assessments, trainings, tampering and forensics work, software development and code reviews, tool creation, and team development.  MORE ABOUT US

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