A concentrated physical security training for employees and executives to learn hands-on how to protect and defend sensitive company data and hardware from corporate espionage attacks, as well as avoid personal data security failures

Corporate espionage prevention and defense training is essential for any company or individual with valuable information, even if their hardware never leaves the building – but especially if employees travel or work remotely. Rift’s Employee Intensive is aimed at securing the hardware used by (and belonging to) company employees, executives, independent contractors, journalists, legal professionals and more.

Participants are trained to detect when malicious parties have tampered with a computer, cell phone or other device, and absorb crucial protocols to follow when their security has been breached.

This comprehensive training also provides yet-unseen training and techniques, of particular interest to those already versed in tamper detection and forensics.

In two comprehensive, six-hour training days:

  • Learn and sharpen behavioral protocols for travel preparation, and during travel
  • Refine ability to quickly, confidently determine when a device has been compromised
  • Become fluent in hardware and software techniques to mitigate threats
  • Learn how devices and their protections are compromised, and how to inspect for tampering
  • Get detailed instruction on what to do when tampering is discovered
  • Methods for company employees to better understand how to conduct themselves according to company policy – even if tampering is only suspected

Our trainers are the most sought-after in the world of tamper evidence and physical (hardware) security.

In this hands-on environment, Rift trainers ensure that no participant leaves without the confidence and understanding to protect their devices and effectively cope with compromise.

Participants are taught specific situational awareness skills, and to swiftly recognize the circumstances and methods in which devices can be compromised. Rift shows what real attacks look like, guiding students through before and after examples. Employees finish the course knowing how to safely conduct themselves and protect their belongings, and how to evaluate and inspect their belongings for evidence of attempted tampering in real-life situations.

The Two-Day Intensive is comprised of 6 hours each day, over two consecutive days. Standard bookings are from 5 to 25 students, with 1-3 instructors (as suitable for class size).

Rift conducts its Employee Intensive either onsite, or in an equipped offsite facility. The Intensive requires a location that can receive packages, and allows use of chemicals (solvents), heat, open flame, sharp objects, and other items used during the training. Rift Recon provides all necessary equipment.

Negotiated fees will reflect standard travel costs, to be included in the Employee Physical Security Intensive agreement.

To book the Rift Recon Two-Day Employee Physical Security Intensive, email [email protected].

Pricing available upon request.



Leading-edge physical bypass and penetration- tool implementation training

Auditors, security managers, penetration testers, red teamers looking to deepen their skill set, and determined individuals seeking professional security testing careers train on – and master – over sixty tools and their effective and proven bypass implementations.

Rift’s immersive tool and bypass course is equally suited for training security staff to strengthen company onsite physical security defenses by learning the tricks, techniques and tool-based methods of attackers.

In two immersive six-hour training days:

  • Skill-sharpen a wide range of bypass techniques
  • Hone personal expertise to improvise tools as the mission – and fate – dictates
  • Refine ability to quickly, confidently determine when to perform an attack or avoid detection
  • Become fully versed in core fundamentals of how flaws become introduced into security systems
  • Learn to efficiently remediate numerous combinations of physical security system flaws
  • Get detailed instruction on sensors, cameras, and other security devices
  • Learn what makes a lock effective, and what makes a lock fail
  • Fine-tune skill and instinct to look for flaws and exploit them hands-on

Our trainers bring a stunning range of expertise to Intensive participants – from elite to street – and offer what other trainers shy away from sharing. Rift’s Physical Bypass Intensive is an immersive training that blends the wealth of knowledge and experience of our seasoned instructors with a hands-on, practical experience toolset.

Rift Recon supplies all gear necessary to complete each individual’s training – and then to take directly to the field and immediately complete a professional pentest mission. Each student gets a complete premium Red Team Kit, which includes over 60 tools, on which to learn every conceivable use of all tools in the kit, and beyond. Bypass and entry methods are shown, performed and practiced firsthand on every tool with expert guidance. All students finish the course comfortable and skilled with the use of every single tool – and Rift Recon ensures that all who complete the class are mission-ready.

The Two-Day Intensive is comprised of 6 hours each day, over two consecutive days. Standard bookings are from 5 to 30 students, with 2-3 instructors (as suitable for class size).

Rift conducts its Two-Day Physical Bypass Intensive either onsite in your own environment or offsite in a professional facility; training costs reflect standard travel costs and are included up front in the Physical Bypass Intensive agreement.

Training cost also includes complete outfitting – a premium Red Team Kit – that the student owns.

Always outsmart and outmaneuver your target by learning to use your tools completely, and work your environment to advantage. Know how to make the right decisions quickly, and with confidence.

To book the Rift Recon Two-Day Physical Bypass Intensive, email [email protected].

Pricing available upon request.



Rift Recon’s Urban Escape and Evasion Class

Rift Recon’s Urban Escape and Evasion Class provides leading-edge skills to civilians who live or work in challenging urban environments, high-risk individuals, or who may find themselves in a destabilizing urban area during a crisis.

Rift’s UEE Class is also ideal for executives - especially high-net-worth individuals - who travel into or through questionable environments, or simply place a premium on personal security knowing their day-to-day requires routine risk assessment.

Our UEE intensives can be tailored as workshops or multi-day events, excellent for company team building exercises.

Based upon your interests (individuals or groups), UEE includes up to all of the following:

  • Covert movement (day vs. night) Judicious use of personal storage caches
  • Understanding urban baseline movement, and urban awareness training
  • The use of “specialized” urban gear The use of disguises and false papers/identification Lockpicking, including cars and padlocks
  • Techniques for escape from unlawful custody or abduction (picking handcuffs, flexicuffs and more, as well as defeating impromptu restraints)
  • Obtaining and driving local transportation Detailed instruction on how to develop urban escape and evasion go-bags

Standard UEE bookings:

  • A one-day intensive, including five topics - 8 hours for 1-3; 10 hours for groups up to six.
  • A two-day training including eight topics (8 hours each day) for groups of 6-10: a one-day urban escape scenario is held the final day of class.
  • A three-day immersive: 8 hours each day including all topics, final day of urban escape scenario, suitable for individuals and groups up to ten to twenty.

Outsmart and outmaneuver; survive and thrive. Emerge from the training with tactical superiority, unparalleled confidence, and a higher level of personal safety than most of the world, for yourself and those you care about.

Rift Recon supplies all gear necessary to complete each individual’s training, with training costs including gear each individual owns as personal protection and tactical tooling from that point forward. We prefer to come to you. Rift typically conducts trainings on-site in your own environment; training costs reflect standard travel costs and are included up-front in the agreement made between your team and ours to avoid confusion.

Our commitment is to you: every student emerges confident and capable, and we’ll work until everyone is satisfied.

For non-standard bookings, we’re happy to tailor a training plan that suits your personal needs, or the needs of your team.

To book the Rift Recon Urban Escape and Evasion Class, email t[email protected].

Pricing available upon request.


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