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Lock Picking Practical

Our founder’s first love. He's taught thousands of people, who have been so inspired they have taught many others.

Practical Lock Picking is a 2-hour class for absolute beginners on the mechanisms of locks, how they work, and our expert instruction as you pick both a lock and a set of handcuffs.

At the end, this class also takes a peek at sophisticated entry, which you may achieve if you keep working on the craft.

Included with tuition: a kit with our carefully curated tools for further practice.

Art of Escape

Rift Recon’s flagship urban escape and evasion program, with 1-7 day offerings, the Art of Escape provides bleeding-edge skills to civilians in challenging urban environments, high-risk individuals, or those who may find themselves in a destabilized urban area during a crisis.

It is also ideal for executives and high-profile individuals who travel into or through questionable environments, or anyone who places a premium on personal security, realizing that their day-to-day routine may benefit from risk assessment.

Our program can be tailored as workshops or a multi-day event. It is excellent for company team building exercises, or as an absolutely unique and incredibly useful experience.


The question most often asked by clients after classes are: "Wow, that was amazing… can I come back and do just the Field Training Exercises?"

Well, now you can! After completing any of our courses, you may practice on your own and return to try your hand at just the FTX again!

We change them often so you will likely have new challenges to face.

Contact us to see what FTX are available with upcoming classes, or if you would like an FTX environment set up for you and/or your teams privately. We can make it happen worldwide.

Physical Security Intensive


Offered in 1-3 day packages, the Defensive Intensive is concentrated, hands-on physical security training in how to protect and defend sensitive company data and hardware from attack, as well as avoid personal data security failures.

Corporate espionage prevention and defense training is essential for anyone with valuable information, even if their hardware never leaves the building – but especially if people travel or work remotely. Rift Recon’s Employee Intensive is aimed at securing hardware owned or used by employees, executives, independent contractors, journalists, legal professionals, and more.

Participants will learn to detect when a computer, cell phone or other device has been maliciously tampered with, and absorb crucial protocols to follow when their security has been breached.

This comprehensive training also teaches completely new techniques, of particular interest to those already versed in tamper-detection and forensics.

Physical Security Intensive


Offered in 1-3 day packages, the Physical Security Intensive is a leading edge physical bypass and penetration tool training based on our Red Team Micro kit.

Auditors, security managers, penetration testers, red teamers looking to deepen their skill set, those seeking security testing careers, and the incurable curious will train on – and master – a variety of tools, as well as their proven bypasses.

This immersive tool and bypass course is equally well-suited to strengthen onsite company physical defenses by teaching security staff the tricks, techniques, and tool-based methods of attackers.

We have a variety of offerings in this area and can tailor a package to include other tools if you need specific operational training.

Custom Packages

Dynamically Sourced

We love working with world-class individuals, teams, companies, and undiscovered up-and-comers who research and practice many crafts and disciplines.

If there is something you’d like to learn about in the digital and physical realms you don't see listed here, we are delighted to refer to or collaborate with partners who have offerings of their own.

Tell us what you seek; we almost certainly know the right person for the job.

Contact us and let's make something special!

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